Will Bangalore become the next Amsterdam?

Traffic congestion is one the major concerns for every metro city. The population count in these cities has been escalating at a breakneck speed. With rising population, there has been a substantial increase in the number of jobs as well as the income of the middle-class population of the country. With this increased income, almost every household now possesses at least one four-wheeler, which invariably contributes to the ever-increasing count and congestion of the vehicles on the road. And hence, it becomes all the more important to think of ways to decongest, and in turn improve the commute time and commute speed. It is also imperative that we reduce the carbon emission which severely affect the environment.

Bangalore being one of the major cosmopolitans cities in the Indian subcontinent, this upsurge in emission of carbon which is severely affecting the flora and fauna must be checked. Yulu is one of the few initiatives, which attempting to reduce the congestion and help in improving the condition of the city’s environment.

In an attempt to do so, Bangalore may well become the next Amsterdam. If they think it might be good for them, the public readily accepts any idea that comes up in favour of them. And the idea, of bicycles as public transportation was bound to succeed. Moreover, unlike the hassles that are a part of a lot of other modes of public commute in the city, sharing a bicycle is one with little to no hassle at all. And the process that lets a commuter, find, use, park and pay for a shared bicycle, is a whole lot more convenient and smoother than doing the same for any other public transport.

The idea of finding a ride through a mobile application, book it for your commute, and also pay for the same via the app, makes everything seamless, which has a huge impact on the public interest. Yulu bikes are available throughout the city, and can be located as well as booked via the application instantly. The bicycle can be booked for as long and as far as the commuter desires to ride.

Apart from the smooth functioning of the whole procedure, right from locating and booking the bicycle to riding and reaching the destination, another important factor that plays a pivotal role in growing interest of the public in this concept of bicycle sharing, is the knowledge that cycling improves the overall metabolism of the body, thus, giving way to a much healthier lifestyle. This awareness of the masses implores them to adapt to such an idea quite quickly.

Another reason for the public to adapt to the idea of bicycle sharing with such eagerness is the ability to lend a hand in preserving the environment of the city, by limiting the carbon emission by opting for a petroleum free commute. The ability to easily manoeuvre the bicycle through the congested traffic jams makes it another hassle free mode of commute for the public.

It will not be a far-fetched statement to say that sharing the bicycle will soon be one of the major modes of commute for a majority of the public in Bangalore as more and more people are slowly becoming aware of the current situation of traffic congestion, carbon emissions and the deteriorating environment.. And then, it won’t be long before Bangalore becomes the next Amsterdam!

Author: Yulu

Yulu's vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. We strongly believe that short commute mode can be made more Efficient, Affordable and GREEN, thereby ensuring that future generations will have a healthy environment to live. We want to replace big personal vehicles with a smaller form factor that does not require fossil fuel. We are using IoT technology to create a vast network of shared dockless bicycles that can be rented easily by a user-friendly app in pay per use business model. We are a mission-driven company based out of India with a solid founding team and big ambitions. At Yulu we believe that every day is a mission and success is exciting when its attained with fun and as a team. If you want to solve the problem of traffic congestion, reduce pollution, positively impact the society, let's have a conversation to partner in our journey to shape a new India for our future generations.

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