Is a healthy lifestyle a part of your New Year Resolutions?

2019 is already here, a new year, a new season with a whole new experience waiting for all of us. 2018 kept most of us motivated and brought a new wave in our lives with YULU. Bicycles almost changed most of our lives; we experienced a major shift from motor vehicles to bicycles. Though the wave was not new, the changes were and everyone welcomed these changes with open arms. And we are here to help you with everything that you need to know about staying fit, balanced, healthy and cycling!

Every one of us wants a healthier life, especially at the start of a new year. We always reflect on what happened and what went wrong during the past year. When it comes to our health, we can achieve a happier and more successful life by making new year resolutions. Admittedly this is not an easy task, as the human mind is not easily persuaded to change old habits and even your body will find difficulty in making the adjustments. But with a disciplined and determined approach, you can stick to your new year resolutions to be healthy.

  • Decide to be healthy. The battle always starts in your mind. You should resolve first in your head that you are committed to becoming healthy throughout the year.
  • Start cutting your food intake. Reducing your food intake will reduce your weight. One of the best ways to cut down on how much you eat is to simply reduce the size of your plate. Research has shown that serving meals on smaller plates will help you control overeating.
  • Consume foods with lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants strengthen your body’s defenses against free radicals that cause diseases. Some foods with high levels of antioxidants are citrus fruits, pomegranates, and coffee.
  • Reduce sodium consumption. Aside from aiding water retention, sodium can also raise your blood pressure. Processed foods are high in sodium, so read food labels closely to understand exactly what you’re putting into your body.
  • Stay active. One of the secrets of looking trim and terrific is keeping active. Whether you’re walking, jogging, doing light home physical exercises or a gym workout, the idea is to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Break that smoking habit. Medical studies have shown that smoking can be incredibly harmful to our health. Giving up the smokes can have a huge range of health benefits, so including quitting smoking in your new year resolutions is a great idea.
  • Exposure to sunlight. As many of us are all too aware, sun exposure can cause skin cancer, brown spots and even the appearance of wrinkles before their time. Protect your skin when going outside by wearing highly protective sunscreen, especially during the middle of the day.
  • Cycle every day to gain more energy, strengthen your bones and speed up your metabolism.

Include these in your daily routine and you are good to go!

Author: Yulu

Yulu's vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. We strongly believe that short commute mode can be made more Efficient, Affordable and GREEN, thereby ensuring that future generations will have a healthy environment to live. We want to replace big personal vehicles with a smaller form factor that does not require fossil fuel. We are using IoT technology to create a vast network of shared dockless bicycles that can be rented easily by a user-friendly app in pay per use business model. We are a mission-driven company based out of India with a solid founding team and big ambitions. At Yulu we believe that every day is a mission and success is exciting when its attained with fun and as a team. If you want to solve the problem of traffic congestion, reduce pollution, positively impact the society, let's have a conversation to partner in our journey to shape a new India for our future generations.

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