Cycling – A Fun Activity For Teenagers

Cycling has always found itself in the list of favorite sport as well as the most liked form of exercising. Cycling is an increasingly popular sport and leisure activity. It has lately gained a lot of popularity among teenagers and young adults. The reason being it serves a purpose beyond just being a sport, it has health benefits as well. Teenagers are very much competitive, they like to compete, and they like adventurous activities, activities that thrill them. Cycling can be performed competitively, whether racing against others or against yourself through a timed ride. Cycling with your partner through a park or mountain biking along with a group friends is a great way to blow off steam with others. We all know that cycling is a lot of fun. Exploring an urban area by bike, or whizzing through country lanes provides a great sense of freedom, control, and exhilaration. It’s the perfect form of exercise to awaken the senses, jolt the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

All the young adults and teenagers are working or have indulged themselves in some kind of work which liberates them. So, cycling proves to be of great help for their purpose of commutation. Cycling provides these things whilst also serving as a convenient, cost-free and environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Whether you’re commuting to work, riding around your home town or perhaps even cycling across continents, there’s no better way to experience and immerse yourself in the outside world. Cycling operates at an optimal speed. The potential range is high enough that you can move between places relatively efficiently, whilst experiencing enough new and diverse settings to keep things interesting. And yet, unlike in a car or bus, you’re going slow enough that you can observe and take pleasure in the scenery and people as you pass by, and ultimately feel a part of your surroundings.

The most powerful driving force behind teenagers opting for bicycles is that it is a great way to that money you earn, you get as your pocket-money. It does not require any fuel to work, it is a very low maintenance vehicle and even it requires your attention once in a while, you can very well give it a service at your home. It eliminates a lot of costs that might have been sitting on your shoulders if you own a motor vehicle. It might sound very far fetched but from a longer perspective, regular cycling will also keep your fit and help you save on the medical bills later. There’s simply no better way to get yourself fit than by powering your TV or video games console through cycling! (haha!) Perhaps best of all, once you’ve learned to ride a bike as a child, it’s a skill that you’ll never lose. Unlike most sports, it’s easy to pick up again after years of neglect. It’s also a form of exercise you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy in the later decades of life, as activities like running and weight lifting start to take their toll.

Author: Yulu

Yulu's vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. We strongly believe that short commute mode can be made more Efficient, Affordable and GREEN, thereby ensuring that future generations will have a healthy environment to live. We want to replace big personal vehicles with a smaller form factor that does not require fossil fuel. We are using IoT technology to create a vast network of shared dockless bicycles that can be rented easily by a user-friendly app in pay per use business model. We are a mission-driven company based out of India with a solid founding team and big ambitions. At Yulu we believe that every day is a mission and success is exciting when its attained with fun and as a team. If you want to solve the problem of traffic congestion, reduce pollution, positively impact the society, let's have a conversation to partner in our journey to shape a new India for our future generations.

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