Incorporating cycling as a family activity

Family is indeed the single most important thing in an individual’s life. We work and toil as hard as possible to bring the best comforts for the family, but the irony lies in the fact that while we work so hard for the family we fail to find time to spend with family and enjoy their company. It is understandable considering in this fast-paced world, you always have to be in the race to move ahead, but that often results in the family being neglected and you spending lesser of family time. Well, we are here to provide you with the best option that you cannot refuse that will help you keep moving ahead in the world and also allow you to spend quality time with your family. Yes, we are talking about cycling as the ideal option here.

Cycling is a great way for the family to bond with each other outdoors and make exercise fun for all. Learning how to keep your children’s foot on the right pedal is always energy well spent. Remember that with family, cycling is not about covering more distance or speeding on the road, but rather the time spent together in each other’s company. The goal is to have fun even if requires you take more stops and snacks for your ride. For older kids, bike riding may just be a way to have fun, but for the younger kids, cycling is a way to prepare them for the roads and teach them to become independent. Do choose roads with flat terrain and take your family cycling. There is no joy greater than teaching your children how to cycle and being a role model for them. You and your family get to work on their fitness as well as have fun at the same time. While you incorporate cycling as a family activity always remember to carry a first aid kit for the family. You never know when you might need it during the ride. Always follow the traffic rules no matter what. You can always teach your child traffic rules by following them yourself when you take your ride with them. Explore the various lanes in the city with your family and make your rides as much fun as possible, such that they become eager to take more rides with you. You may always include a treat for the ride to make the ride more enjoyable and want them longing for more. While you have fun, always make sure that you have your eyes on the road and always look out for the potholes, curbs and broken glass that often are found on the roads.

Everyone needs a bit of family time and we understand how difficult it becomes to adjust the schedule and make a tie for everyone in your life. Yulu is no stranger to the problems of a common man and hence brings to cycles for rent at cheap rates such that you can have a splendid time with your family and make sure that you and they remain fit. All you need to do is scan and rent a bicycle using the Yulu app and pedal your way with your family.


Author: Yulu

Yulu's vision is to reduce traffic congestion by providing a scalable, affordable, efficient and clean solution for the first mile, last mile, and short distance commute. We strongly believe that short commute mode can be made more Efficient, Affordable and GREEN, thereby ensuring that future generations will have a healthy environment to live. We want to replace big personal vehicles with a smaller form factor that does not require fossil fuel. We are using IoT technology to create a vast network of shared dockless bicycles that can be rented easily by a user-friendly app in pay per use business model. We are a mission-driven company based out of India with a solid founding team and big ambitions. At Yulu we believe that every day is a mission and success is exciting when its attained with fun and as a team. If you want to solve the problem of traffic congestion, reduce pollution, positively impact the society, let's have a conversation to partner in our journey to shape a new India for our future generations.

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