Top 7 Cycling Myths Busted

Cycling, after all, can be said to be the fun exercise of all. What wouldn’t one give up just to take a ride on your dear bicycle across the street on a fine evening? There is nothing that can better this, right? There are always other options to stay healthy and fit, but very few that makes straining your body fun and cycling is one of those rare exercises. There are several myths associated with cycling and that has always been the barrier for many to not take up cycling. Let’s have a look at some of such myths. We have heard rumors taking rounds that cycling is essentially for men or you have to shave your legs before taking up cycling, or else if you’re hurt you may end up not having hair on the wounded area. Guess what, these are nothing more than myths. We are here to bust the top myths associated with cycling.

  1. Cycles are expensive: This one of the most circulated statements related to cycling that cycles are expensive. We would just like to say that cycles are if anything, very cheap and inexpensive compared to other vehicles. You may have to spend a lot of money on buying motorcycles or half a million in buying cars, but cycles will cost you less than one-fourth of the money you would be spending on buying a motorcycle. Hope, this is no more the reason that stops you from buying a bicycle.
  2. Cyclists should use cycle lanes: Yes, it is true that government has initiated the task of making cycle lanes for those people who wish to travel by cycle, but it is entirely false that cyclists have to stick to those cycle lanes only. It often happens that the cycle lanes that have been made are too narrow for many cycles to pass and every other time there is the issue of a mini traffic jam happening in the lanes and you may feel like you are standing in a queue waiting for your turn of redemption. The cycle lanes are an option you may avail if you wish, but you are also free to travel through the main roads even by cycling and none can stop you!
  3. Cyclists don’t pay road tax: Yes, it’s true that if you’re riding your cycle you need not pay road tax, but it is also true that whatever vehicle you use for traveling, you need not pay the road tax. Confused? Don’t be. Road tax was abolished long back in 1937 and the taxes the drivers pay is Vehicle Excise Duty, which depends on the carbon dioxide emissions made by the vehicle and riding a cycle definitely won’t emit carbon dioxide from your vehicles, freeing you from the taxes.
  4. Cyclists should keep left: It is most often said that if you’re riding a bicycle always keep left and stay away from the center of the road. We say try avoiding staying in the corners and ride more in the middle of the road, in that way you will be more visible to the riders behind. You also have to keep pace with the other cars, but try staying in the center.
  5. Cyclists can ignore red lights: If you think, just because you’re riding a bicycle you need not pay heed to the red light, you are wrong. The traffic signal is meant to maintain road safety and no matter whatever vehicle you might be on, from a cycle to a bus, always adhere to the traffic signal and save yourself from the fine and most importantly, an accident.
  6. Cycling is meant for the fit: This is an absolutely wrong idea that cycling is just meant for the fit. Anyone can cycle, irrespective of your figure. If anything, a cycle will help you get fit if done regularly. Do not let this myth stop you from riding your favorite vehicle.
  7. Cycling makes you all sweaty: Cycling is often associated with hard work and yes, it makes you sweaty if you do it as an exercise. But, if you ride your cycle slow in the twilight, enjoying the cool breeze of nature, I doubt that you will perspire. All you will have is just fun and enjoyment riding your cycle.

We hope that we have cleared you of all the doubts and queries regarding the cycling and broken the myths associated with this fun activity such that you may not be restricted by these obstacles to engaging in cycling. Shed all your worries and blast all your doubts and remember cycling is for everyone irrespective of what job you do or how fit you are. Do not waste any more time, sign up for Yulu, scan and rent a bicycle using our app and shatter all the myths you have heard related to cycling.

How Yulu Uses Smart Technology for Sustainable Mobility

Do we need bicycles to commute in our cities? The endless scenes of crowded buses, immovable traffic, and expensive cab services say we do. And not just because it saves time and money, but also, it improves our health and reduces carbon footprint.

Imagine the time where we can pick a bicycle from any corner of the street and leave it likewise after using it all through a single tap on your smartphone and a digital wallet for a cashless, hassle-free experience. With Yulu and its technology shepherding the bike revolution for the new India, the imagination has now turned into reality.

Yulu was founded with a vision to change the way we commute. However, the founders knew, to achieve their goal they need to make their service effortless and accessible for all. So they integrated their cycles with latest technologies in the space of GPS, GPRS, and Bluetooth, and designed a cognitive application with a seamless interface. With this facelift, renting a bike at Yulu has become as simple as downloading its application.

It is that easy. All a user has to do is search for the bikes available in the vicinity. Due to the large fleet that Yulu has scaled, it will take a fraction of second for users to locate a bicycle. They do not have to subscribe to a privileged account like in many cab services or wait in long queues to book their ride. Just one click and you have a match.

As soon as they locate the bike, users can put the encrypted key from the app into the bike’s digital lock. Once the ride begins, Yulu team ensures that riders get a safe passage to their destination with the help of embedded navigation software. Moreover, when the destination arrives, users can quickly lock the bike and leave it there. All the information about renting, fare, and parking are shared with the user through the app.

Many countries have already jumped on the bandwagon of bike revolution. In our neighboring nation China, commuting on a bike is becoming a norm. There are around 100 million users in China, across 100 cities who travel every day through bicycles for their daily commutes. In the US also, the number of people preferring bikes over automobile is skyrocketing.

In India, Yulu’s revolution has already begun on the streets of Pune and Bangalore. People from all spheres of life are adopting Yulu’s platform from bike fanatics to automobile owners as well. Because in the end, everyone aspires a cost-effective and convenient platform for traveling that doesn’t comprise with the environment and is also beneficial to health. With Yulu, they finally have all.

It will be an awe-inspiring sight, to see countless people peddling their way to their offices and back.

Corporate Support for Cycling

Corporates are citizens of the city they operate in and their employees are a part of the local communities that they live in. A clean and healthy environment can both be a function of corporates doing their bit and expecting infrastructure and systems from the city administration.

Among all other productivity and motivation programs that corporates run from time to time, health and well-being of employees are dependent on physical activities they do and a healthy, stress-free commute to and from work. In these days of severe traffic congestion in cities in India and around the world, getting cars off the road and taking public transport or cycling to work is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility! – that will have a great impact on daily lives of citizens.

Here are a few things that Corporates can do to make this happen:

  • Be the Messenger! – HR departments of companies can help spread the message of saving the earth while having a fitter workforce and promote cycling, walking or taking public transport to work. Promote and organize events and seminars that will help build awareness and answer questions and address apprehensions
  • Honored, Privileged Parking! – Recognise employees who cycle to work with privileged parking slots that are easily accessible and visible, close to their buildings of work and the elevator! The others can be charged with the expensive real estate and parking space that they occupy in the office premises!
  • Cycling Allowance! – employees who cycle to work will save companies a lot of dead investments of parking real estate with the minimal space that bicycles need for parking. Surely, some of this can be passed on to employees who help save these costs!
  • Showers in the Office! – will go a long way in encouraging employees to cycle to work and have a shower before they start work, as they would do after a visit to the gym. The healthy sweat and toil need to be supported!
  • Cycle Day – Car Free Day – Plan and promote at least one day in a month that will be a Car-Free or Cycle Day in the office. This will help reduce some congestion on the streets that day and show the way for employees that its possible to use public transport, cycle or walk to work. This can also be done in a coordinated manner with the Tech Park or larger set of companies coming together to do it on the same day each month!
  • Outings and Off-sites on cycles – Encourage project teams and managers to plan their next team building activities and offsite meetings with cycle trips. Many cities now have adventure and outdoor activities organizations that will help plan these trips and make them memorable!
  • Spend CSR Funds in the office neighborhood – in creating and maintaining cycle tracks in the neighborhood of the office or major areas where employees stay and commute to work from. This spend will have a huge impact on neighborhoods that can be easily seen and measured! The city administrations will be happy to receive such support for their budgets and projects!
  • Support the Messengers & Facilitators – Corporates can help fund billboards, radio, print and social media campaigns to create awareness and push adoption of walking or cycling to work. They can help the city and Public Bicycle Sharing services take the message of services, events, and deals on cycling to employees through their corporate communication systems.
  • Demand Cycling Infrastructure – Work with the city administration to Demand and Support the creation of cycling tracks and cycle parking spots in and around the office and the residential localities of its employees. Public Bicycle Sharing companies can assist in this process, aggregating and taking the demands to the city administration. Demand a bicycle parking zone and cycle tracks here –
  • Support Advocacy on Non-Motorized Transport – Appropriate departments of corporates can lobby for and work with the city, state and country’s policy makers and administrations to advocate the planning and spending on projects around Non-Motorised Transport – pedestrian paths, cycle tracks, etc.

Corporates in India and around the world have been catalysts in many social and lifestyle changes in the world! Here’s another chance to get people to change their ways and help save the earth, one cycle at a time!


Why Cycle Cities are the Future

‘Cycle cities’ as the name suggests promotes cycling. Cycle cities basically mean a city life where people regard cycling as more beneficial and a better mode of commutation compared to cars, a city that shows a picture of the upcoming future world. Cycle cities may not be all dreamy, but there remains a high probability, we are moving towards the same future together considering the pollution rates, and also taking the consideration the changing trends in the West, where cycles have steadily become the preferred medium of transportation. To speak of Indian affairs, we are not far behind in turning to the same mode to commute. Let’s provide you with reasons on why Cycle cities are the future.

The Cycling Cities initiative was launched in India in the year 2015 with the vision of motivating at least one-third of the cities’ population to use cycles as the main mode of transportation by 2030. In desperate need to improve life and environment, cycling cities show us the very path we need to move forward.

Cycle cities are often associated with smart cities, which basically follows the motto of the betterment of both the people and the environment. Amsterdam, Groningen, Copenhagen are few of the top cycle cities in the world. For the past few years, India has also taken steps in trying to create cycle cities too.

In Indian cities, the average trip length tends to be within an approximation of 5 km, which shows cycles are best suited for such travels.

The benefit of riding a bicycle in today’s world is that it is pollution-free, which is one of the ultimate global concern. Burning on the depleting resources is not a wise choice, and the best solution would be to take up cycling.

Cycling has always been a health beneficiary activity, given that we do it with some precision. In today’s world, people are racing through time to keep a steady pace and in the process tend to neglect their health. Cycling to work or any nearby destination is a countermeasure to both the problem of time management and health care. The cycle cities ensure not only do we have a healthy environment, but also the citizens stay healthy too.

India with its rural areas and narrow lanes throughout the urban areas provide the advantage to bikers more than the car drivers. Also being a cheap and easy means of transportation, it can be available to most people. India has one of the most extensive networks of roads, and much of the roads throughout the network are not suitable for cars to drive on, and this brings it down to the need for cycles.

We are concerned about your health and our environment. With proper knowledge on the benefits of cycle cities, steps that need to be taken and desperate need of it, we might be able to secure a happy future, with the help of bicycles for a change. A city full of greenery, clean air, people with healthy mind and body, no congested traffic, and an eco-friendly society, sounds good to imagine right. With a little effort, this is how an ideal cycle city life would look. We urge you to make space for the changes required to have a sustainable future and Yulu is always there to support the cause and pedal the change. Head towards the bright days that awaits you with Yulu, all you’ve to do is scan and rent a cycle using our app and promote a healthy environment for everyone.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”.

The saying goes well and works for every individual. Maintaining your own health is a duty you owe to yourself and as a matter of fact, it turns out to be the most neglected duty of all! Well, we understand your difficulty in waking up early and then turning to exercise. We would not suggest you drop the idea of exercising, but rather we are here to make exercise fun with cycling and not just in early mornings, any time of the day you are comfortable with. You must be wondering, why cycling in particular. The answer is very simple. It isn’t a very difficult exercise and it has great health benefits. Continue reading to find out the top ten health benefits of cycling.

  1. Fight your obesity with ease: The major demand of the youth is for a ‘perfect body’ and to be in shape, but for that you need not head straight to the gym. If you think, only hard work can give you the body shape you desire, well, cycling helps you burn your fat and carbs and get rid of your obesity with much more ease.
  2. Helps deal with mental illness: Research has shown that majority of the population suffers from stress, be it work or studies or any other matter, which if increased may have severe impacts on your health and cause high blood pressure and at times, may even result in depression. Cycling is one of the ideal tasks, which helps in relaxing your mind and have fun at the same time. Sports, as a matter of fact helps fight stress, but not everyone is capable of engaging in sports, thus making cycling a suitable choice.
  3. Prevents Cancer: Cancer treatment is something not everyone can afford, but we have a solution that may help you prevent cancer in the first place! Yes, cycling regularly for thirty minutes or more can help in regeneration of new cells in a better pace and thus helps in preventing cancer. Research has shown that those who cycle regularly are less prone to cancer than people otherwise.
  4. Live Insulin free: Every other citizen in India suffers from Diabetes. Living life with such restrictions and on support of Insulin is definitely not fun. Diabetes increases the risk of various other diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease and so on. Cycling is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes as it depletes the glucose in the cells from the physical exercise, thus enabling the cells to draw glucose from blood and thus reducing the sugar level.
  5. Arthritis treatment: Cycling regularly has many benefits on the body and it definitely helps in preventing arthritis and in its treatment. Cycling works up your thighs and lower muscles. It is a low impact exercise that will benefit the joints.
  6. Preclude cardiovascular diseases: Cardiovascular diseases include heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Cycling regularly keeps your blood pressure in control and provides you with a better functioning respiratory system. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles and reduces your blood fat level.
  7. Strengthen your immunity: Immunity power is what keeps you going when you are in sick or in pain putting up a fight within. Cycling results in production of essential proteins within your body which activates your lazy white blood cells that are responsible for the immunity of an individual.
  8. Increased energy levels: Get to work with an active mind filled with enthusiasm. Cycling helps in increasing the body’s stamina and boosts the endurance capacity of an individual. The energy levels reaches its peak by cycling on a daily basis for an hour or more.
  9. Gives a boost to brain power: Cycling helps in improved reflex and brain-muscle co-ordination. Pedaling increases the functioning of your grey matter and blood vessels in the brain which means more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  10. Helpful for pregnant women: Pregnant women require constant care and have to be responsible enough in maintaining their own health and their baby’s. Cycling helps the moms-to-be by lightening their mood and also helps in labour and faster recovery.

We care for your health and hence we bring forward our mobility solution, Yulu that lets you choose cycle over your regular vehicles and helps you take care of your health.

Cycling to Work – Tips for Your First Commute

Cycling to work is not a trend that has grown to its full potential in our country, but we hope to set it as a new trend and make it the ‘regular’. Yeah sure, you may say that cars are more relaxing compared to cycle, but as responsible citizens of the country, you have got to think about the depleting resources on which the cars are feeding heavily. The future may not provide you with cycling as an alternative to travel, rather be the only solution. Take the necessary step before it is too late. We are here to help you with some tips that will help you in choosing cycling to work.

Begin with shorter distances: Start cycling to work, but do not travel for long miles at the beginning itself. Use cycling as a first commute or to go to your workplace only if it’s within an achievable distance from your place. Traveling for longer distances in the initial days may drain a lot of energy and affect your willingness to cycle to work. Keep a track of the time that cycling is taking you to reach your destination; compare it to the time it would take otherwise. You will be amazed to see how great a difference cycling makes in saving your time and the hassle, needless to talk about saving your pocket.

Keep a check on the frequency: As a beginner, do not regularly commute to work using your cycle. That will have effects on your health and may kill your motivation to cycle to work or anywhere as a matter of fact. Give some time to get used to cycling on a semi-weekly basis and following that increase your frequency of hiking to work. Start with cycling three days to work and with time as you get used to it raise the number of days or start with using your cycle for either the morning commute or the evening commute. In this way, you can slowly get used to cycling your way to the office.

Always wear a helmet: ‘Safety First’. Nothing is nor will be more important to your safety. So, we suggest you to ALWAYS carry a helmet when you ride your cycles. When traveling to work, we are well aware of the severe traffic jam and everyone is in a hurry to arrive at their destination, so there are chances of some mishaps. To keep yourself safe from such accidents, carry your safety guard and put it on always while you ride.

Perform a dry run: We guess you are used to traveling to work using cars. The expected time to reach your destination in cycles would be different from your regular vehicles. You can take a dry run on a weekend before you start commuting to work using cycles to check on the ETA at your destination and that will help you plan your journey timing from your place to work. Do not forget to take into consideration the extra traffic you may have to encounter on the weekdays, so it is always a good thing to leave a bit early.

Be a GPS: Do not feel scared to explore various routes to your office/ workplace when you have time off your work. Familiarize yourself with roads leading to your work that does not make you wait for the cars ahead of you to move to go forward on your journey. Choose the routes with minimal traffic and reach your workplace in time all refreshed and energetic skipping the heavy traffic.

Be a know-it-all: Try learning all the basics of repairing punctures or flat tyres, and see that you know how to fix your cycle in case of breakdown mid-journey. The last thing you want to do is drag your cycle to a repair shop and wait in queue for the repair to be done and pay for petty issues which you could have handled yourself.

Carry a backpack: While traveling you may come in need of various accessories such as water bottle or be it anything, carry a backpack to store all those amenities and have them at your service whenever you require. You may even carry your clothes for work in your backpack. After all the sweating due to cycling, we are guessing you won’t want to be in the same attire the same day. So always keep a spare set of clothes in your backpack.

You can always make cycling more fun by riding to your workplace with other employees on cycles in the less than perfect weather conditions. Take a selfie with your bike, share it with your friends, family, and co-workers and encourage them to start using bicycles more frequently. Be a person who works towards bringing about the change. A safety tip for you which will come in handy on the roads is to look out for parked cars. They might swing open the car doors without paying attention to the vehicle coming from behind, and this may be fatal for riders. So always keep an eye on the road and your surroundings. So what are you waiting for! Set into the trend, hit the roads and pedal the change with Yulu.


10 Great Reasons To Cycle

In an age where Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, BMW bring forward a new model for their cars every other day, we suggest you consider our perfect mode of transportation – CYCLING! You must be wondering what would be a good enough reason to choose cycling over such comfortable cars. Well, we’ll give you those reasons. Not one or two but ten great reasons to cycle your way.

  1. Traffic is never fun: You’re late for work or in an emergency and you get going on your way and then you encounter the endless traffic en route to your destination. That is something you won’t consider fun and we can imagine what you’ve to go through when you face this similar traffic regularly. Cycling here, helps you dodge all your obstacles very easily and get going without frustrating you by keeping you stuck in traffic. There’s also a bonus for cyclists. Government is holding a talk on making separate lanes for cycles alone. Well, there again you have yourself from the captivity of the horrendous traffic.
  2. Fitness on your mind: Cycling has always been proven as one of the best exercises to maintain your fitness, it’s another great reason you should opt for cycling over anything else. Just cycle for a period of thirty minutes every day and voila! You’re fit! It helps in getting rid of your fat and also burns your carbs and gets you on your way towards having the perfect body you always wished for.
  3. Sleep is the ultimate peace: We understand that you desire a sleep free of all your worries, tensions and we are here to suggest you with the ultimate solution to your problem. Cycling helps you release all your tension and gets you relaxing. The exercise also helps you get to sleep quicker than your usual time and enjoy your blissful sleep.
  4. The dream of looking young comes true: A major concern of today’s population is their looks and aging. Cycling helps you complete your wish of looking like your younger self. Pedal daily for an hour and see the effects on yourself. It frees you from the added expense on cosmetics and gives you a skin which would glow.
  5. Save the planet: The rising number of motor vehicles on the street is not something new, and with the rising population, the sales graph seems to go only upscale. The resulting pollution from the emission of gases from these vehicles cause tremendous harm to the environment and makes it unhealthy and unsuitable for living. Not just that, the resources and fuels consumed by the motor vehicles have resulted in the depletion of the resources and the planet is on the verge of facing a scarcity. Cycling, here becomes the ideal mode of commutation, making the planet a better place to live
  6. Pedal for fun: Early morning cycle rides in a lush green park with your mates is something you should definitely look forward to. Experience the beauty of nature with your friend, family and loved ones by taking a cycle ride in early mornings along the parks and grounds.
  7. Park, where you stop: The cities turning into concrete jungles, have resulted in reduced parking space for your vehicles, as a result, you have to park your vehicle far away from your destination. Cycling relieves you of your parking worries. Cycle does not occupy a lot of space nor do you have to park your cycle far away from your destination. You may as well park at your destination.
  8. Make your pocket heavy: Car rides are definitely not expensive. The expense of taking cars for travel regularly definitely makes a hole in your pocket. Try cycling to work or colleges. It is inexpensive and frees you of the expenditure on petrol or diesel. Reduce your expenses and save more.
  9. Your own public-private transport: Cycling is for your own but for everyone. Cycles too are available for rent. You own till you rent it. Leave it and it’s for others.
  10. A bonus for mums to be: Research has shown that cycling helps in easier labor, faster recovery and a better mood for nine months of pregnancy.

So, what are you waiting for! Pick your reason and get pedaling. Yulu is here to give you an easy and efficient way to use bicycles. #StartTheChange